DC Brushed Motors

DC brushed motors are internally commutated electric motors run from a direct current power source. They consist of six basic components: the stator, the rotor, the commutator, brushes, axles and magnets. The stator surrounds the rotor and generates a magnetic field by means of electromagnetic windings or permanent magnets. By changing speed, it changes the operating voltage and the strength of the magnetic field. There are a number of different design variations. The starters might be manual, three- or four- point while the configurations of the motors could be with wound stators, permanent-magnet or axial field. There are a variety of different shaped motors as they can be flat, rectangular or round with spindles. The selection of the correct brushed motor depends on the rated load as well as the rotation speed which is needed. Although less efficient than brushless motors, brushed motors have a number of applications. In the industrial sector, they are often used to provide electrical propulsion. They are able to power heavy machinery such as cranes, paper machines and steel tolling machines. On a smaller scale, they are also found in motorised toys, domestic appliances and computer peripherals.

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