CAM Switches

CAM switches are an electrical device that can control, automate, monitor and count work done by machines. They consist of a shaft, plunger, a cam ring set and housing. The terminals are arranged in a circle around the rotor, each acts as a contact through which a different electrical circuit can be connected to the rotor. This arrangement means that CAM switches are able to operate a number of functions simultaneously. CAM switches differ in their configurations. They vary in both their voltage and thermal current. Differences are also seen in the number of positions the pole has, the number of contacts, the number of poles and the voltage of the switch. Mounting and handle styles vary and so does the durability of the CAM switch and how bulky it is. Some are covered in plexiglass protective glass to prevent tampering. Because of their ability to manage a number of tasks at the same time, CAM switches have a number of industrial applications. They are used to operate presses, sheet metal form machinery, welding machinery, packaging machines, mining equipment, lifts and stamping machines. They can also be used to operate air conditioning units.

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