Foot Switches

Foot switches are a way of operating machines or pieces of machinery whilst keeping the hands free to do something else. They can start, stop or initiate production processes. They can be in the form of a separate attachment or can be installed into the machinery, often through hidden cables or even set into the floor for fixed items of equipment. Foot switches can be in the form of a button which is activated by the pressure of the foot but they are usually one or more pedals. They can be operated by mechanical, pneumatic or electric means. Depending on their application, they are available in a number of materials. Most incorporate some kind of safety mechanism to prevent the switch being activated by accident. Some are covered in an anti-slip material for wet environments and some have foot guards and an anti-trip lever. Foot switches are mainly used in industry where complex production methods mean the workers need to have their hands free to thread or feed the machine. They are used in engineering companies such as sheet-metal processing and textile companies. They also have uses in the control of dentistry tools or the operation of supermarket conveyor belts.

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