Wiring Accessories

The wiring system of a building ensures that the distribution of the power supply functions correctly and that there are the necessary outlets for appliances to access it. However, wiring accessories are essential for the whole system to work. They can be basic components or they might be safety devices to protect from shocks. There are a wide variety of wiring accessories, which vary in size and function. Some of them are anything to do with the appliances themselves. They might need plugs, connectors and terminals. To access the supply in outside areas, extension cords and other types of cable might be needed. For purposes of personal safety, accessories include plug covers, fuses and all of the components in the consumer unit such as circuit breakers. The lighting system needs specific parts like the variety of switches though toggle switches tend to be the most popular. Timers and power relays are also necessary wiring accessories. Wiring accessories are found wherever there is a power supply. Because of their greater power needs, factories might not need the same wiring accessories as homes. Although many of these devices or fittings are only of interest to the professional electrician, many are purchased by people interested in home maintenance or improvements.

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  1. Wire Connectors
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    Wire connectors attach wires to each other or attach circuits directly to the power supply. They prevent short circuits and electric shocks. There are a wide range of connectors with different methods of attaching them. Some are used in special circumstances but all should be used with the correct wire gauge.

  2. Wire Terminals
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    Wire terminals are any fasteners that are used to attach electric machines to the power source or to each other. There are a wide number of such connectors and many have a specific purpose which is obvious from their configuration. They are found in all homes and businesses.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.