Wire Terminals

Wire terminals are located at the end of a cable and are the means by which electrical appliances are joined to the electricity power supply or attached to each other. These connectors have two ends which might have different kinds of terminals but the shape of the receptacles make it obvious which way they are plugged in. They can be slotted in like plugs, mechanically bolted or pinned. There are a variety of terminals but the most common are the different types of plugs. Some are designed to fit into a power outlet or socket whilst others are to join attachments to electrical appliances. These can vary in shape and have a different number of pins and in varying configurations such as jack plugs with a pointed end to blade connectors which are flat and rectangular. Other types of terminals include ring and spade terminals, butt-splices, push-ons and bullets. Some terminals such as crocodile clips are for temporary connections. Wire terminals are used to ensure that electrical appliances work correctly and receive power. Increasingly nowadays, equipment needs to be attached to each other and so terminals are vital. It means offices can use computers with printers and home entertainment centres can use multi-media on one system.

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