Farm Equipment and Supplies

Farm equipment and supplies include everything needed to ensure the smooth running of a farm and comfort of farm animals. This includes providing equipment for farmers and workers, food and bedding equipment for animals, as well as agriculture supplies. Common types of farm equipment and supplies include milking equipment, animal housing, animal bedding, animal cages, crates, shelters, bee hives, electric fencing, gates, kennels, pig arks, animal coats, blankets, rugs, animal toys, animal grooming equipment, feeders, drinkers, and dairy equipment. Farm equipment and supplies are widely used by farmers and horticulturists to ensure optimum running of the farming environment.

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  1. Agricultural Vehicles and Machinery
    - 3 Suppliers 541 Products

    Agricultural vehicles and machinery are widely used by farmers and farm workers to help maintain and work the farm. While the most common type of agricultural machine is a tractor, there is actually a wide range of agricultural vehicles and machinery widely used on today’s farms to help with the farming process including rollers, rotators, ploughs, cultivators, chisel ploughs, harrows, sprinkler systems, sprayers, and weight sorters.

  2. Animal Care
    - 5 Suppliers 277 Products

    Animal care is the responsibility of those who own and work with animals. It is a term used to describe used to describe the care-giving to animals including domestic animals, agriculture animals and animals bred for produce.

  3. Animal Housing
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    Animal housing is the term used to describe animal’s shelter and bedding. It usually refers to shelter for outdoor animals, particularly farm livestock and plays a key-role in animal welfare and their ability to make produce (such as milk or eggs).