Animal Housing

Animal housing is the term used to describe animal’s shelter and bedding. It usually refers to shelter for outdoor animals, particularly farm livestock, including chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, spring lambs, fall lambs, winter lambs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, broilers, and laying hens. Correct animal housing plays a key-role in animal welfare and their ability to make produce (such as milk or eggs). Animal housing is often referred to as animal pens, folding, sheepfold, sheepcote, paddocks, cattle pen, crates, cages, corrals, stalls or stables. Animal housing is used by farmers and horticulturists to ensure the correct comfort and shelter for farm animals.

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  1. Animal Bedding
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    Animal bedding is used in farms, stables, equestrian properties, zoos and various other animal holdings. It is also used domestically to provide bedding for pets. Different types of animals prefer different types of animal beddings, but most common types include hemp, straw, leaves, wood shavings, pellets, sawdust, hay and newspaper.

  2. Animal Cages, Crates and Shelters
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    Animal cages, crates and shelters provide housing and bedding for animals in farms, zoos, homes and other environments housing animals. They work by offering a sanctuary for small animals (like rabbits, hamsters and birds) and a bed for larger animals (like cows and horses).

  3. Bee Hives
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    Bee hives are enclosed structures which house honey bee families. They provide a nest for a bee colony to raise young but also house beeswax and honeycomb which can be used to make honey. They are often owned by beekeepers for the purpose of selling the hive’s by-product.

  4. Electric Fencing
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    Electric fencing is used as a form of animal control, particularly in agricultural and farming industry. They are widely considered safer than other alternatives, such as barbed wire, which can injure animals. The most common types are non-lethal fence, stun-lethal fence and lethal fence. In each case, the electric fencing is designed to release the electrical current only when touched by a person or an animal.

  5. Gates
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    Gates are widely used as access points into and out of an enclosure. On farms, they allow access into fields and animal enclosures whilst still keeping animals confined into a designated space. Common types of gates include field gates, bridle gates, kissing gates and railings.

  6. Kennels
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    A kennel is an outdoor shelter used to house cats or dogs. The kennel offers shelter, protection from the elements, and a bedding area for the animal to stay warm and sleep. Kennels offer the ideal solution for animals which prefer the outdoors, or for pet owners who have space constraints.

  7. Pig Arks
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    Pig arks are used by pig breeders and farmers to provide pigs with shelter as and when they need it. They are suitable for all pigs including piglets, sows, dry sows, porkers, weaners, and pet pigs. Pig arks are generally easily to assemble, usually made from galvanised metal shaped into a dome and are readily available in a range of sizes depending on how many pigs they house.

  8. Other
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