Pig Arks

Pig arks are shelters for pigs which provide bedding and eating areas. They are open at the front, which allows pigs free access as and when they want somewhere to feel warm and rest. They are suitable for all pigs including piglets, sows, dry sows, porkers, weaners, and pet pigs. Pig arks are generally easily to assemble, usually made from galvanised metal shaped into a dome. They are readily available in a range of sizes depending on how many pigs they house. As a rough guide, a sow and a litter needs an 8' x 6' ark, two dry sows or ten porkers require an 8' x 8' ark, while an 8' x 10' ark would accommodate up to six dry sows or twenty porkers. Pig arks are used by pig breeders and farmers to provide pigs with shelter as and when they need it.

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