Hydraulic Equipment & Components

The hydraulic system works by transmitting fluid through a system, which becomes pressurised according to the resistance. This is controlled directly or automatically by control valves and is distributed through interconnecting tubing and hose. In this way, this power can be harnessed to do tasks requiring high torque. There are six basic components necessary for a hydraulic system. Firstly, a reservoir is needed to hold the liquid, usually oil. A pump then forces the liquid through the system and has a power source like a motor. Valves control the liquid's direction, pressure and flow rate. An actuator converts the energy into mechanical force; it can be a cylinder or a motor. Finally, the tubing or hose conveys the liquid from one location to another. There is a wide variety of equipment utilising hydraulic power. They include vehicles like excavators or bulldozers. This power is also used in fixed machinery such as presses and other processes which require high pressure. Other types include portable tools like nut or torque wrenches and hydraulic splitters. The components which make up the hydraulic system can be found anywhere that processes need high levels of torque/power such as construction sites, factories as well as mines.

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  1. Hydraulic Actuators
    - 1 Supplier 5 Products

    An actuator is a component of a machine that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism or system, for example by opening a valve. In simple terms, it is a "mover".

  2. Hydraulic Cylinders
    - 10 Suppliers 650 Products

    Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical actuators which use a piston and rod arrangement for applying force. There are a variety of hydraulic cylinders but the tie rod cylinder is mainly used for factory machinery. For construction and material-handling equipment, the welded body type is preferred.

  3. Hydraulic Fittings
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    Hydraulic fittings are essential for all hydraulic-powered machinery or tools as they ensure that they create a system for fluids to flow without leaking whilst maintaining high pressure. There are a variety of them but they should be compatible with the conductors and the specific functioning of the machine or tool.

  4. Hydraulic Instrumentation
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    Hydraulic instrumentation are any devices or equipment which test, maintain, service or troubleshoot hydraulic-driven machinery to prevent further damage or verify repairs. There are a wide variety to test the whole system or specific components and some can be done by remote control.

  5. Hydraulic Manifolds
    - 12 Suppliers 2,801 Products

    A hydraulic manifold is a specific type of manifold that regulates and controls the flow of fluid between actuators, pumps and various other parts in a hydraulic system. It is often described as performing like a switchboard since it gives the operator control of how much fluid flows to hydraulic machinery components. They are available in two types; mono-block and modular block.

  6. Hydraulic Pumps
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    Pumps are essential components for any hydraulic-driven machine or equipment. The creation of a vacuum forces the liquid around the system enabling it to work. There are many types and they are found in many machines, especially in the fields of construction, mining or industry and can be fixed or mobile.

  7. Hydraulic Switches
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    Switches are a necessary part of any hydraulic-driven machine or equipment as they control the pressure power so they function at optimum power. Other switches monitor the temperature and liquid flow. They are of interest to anyone who works in industry, construction or mining.

  8. Hydraulic Tools
    - 9 Suppliers 312 Products

    Hydraulic-driven tools are much stronger and quieter than comparative electric-power tools. There are a wide variety of these tools which might be attached to other vehicles or might be mobile. They are mainly seen in construction, industry and mining although the emergency services also make use of them.

  9. Hydraulic Tubing and Hose
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    Hydraulic tubing and hoses are part of the delivery system for the hydraulic fluid. There is a wide variety and the choice of which to use depends on a number of factors. The construction of the hoses varies according to its use and can be flexible or rigid.

  10. Hydraulic Valves
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    A hydraulic valve is used to direct the flow of a liquid (usually oil) through a hydraulic system. They work by determining the position of the liquid or pressure by alternating the position of the spool, which is why there is a wide range of hydraulic valves available for various different purposes. Hydraulic valves are widely used in the field of automotive and hydraulics to control pressure and the direction of oil and similar liquids within vehicles and industrial equipment.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.