Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic tools are extremely popular as a lot of power can be transferred through tubes and hoses for a wide array of actuators. They operate more quietly than electric power tools and the user can obtain greater force or torque compared to other tools of the same size. They are constructed with a piston, rotary, screw and other types of motive power but it is necessary to provide a pump for supplying fluid to the hydraulic drive and the use of high pressure fittings. There are a wide variety of hydraulic tools. Some are attached to other pieces of equipment such as the breaker, which is fitted to an excavator. Others such as the jack hammer, splitter or rock breaker are used in demolition work. Both the hydraulic nut wrench and the torque wrench are used for the tightening or loosening of connections. Riveting machines find it easy to squeeze rivets together for joining work. Rescue tools are vital for the emergency services; these cutters, spreaders and rams help extract victims from crashes. Hydraulic tools are found predominantly in industry, construction and mining though some smaller tools might be suitable for domestic use. Rescue tools are owned by the fire department to save lives.

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