Peel Fixtures

Peel fixtures are a type of tool which can be used to provide a condition to measure the bond strength between bonded surfaces. Such surfaces include laminated surface coatings, packaging, films, and the accompanying rigid backings, as well as other bonded structures. Peel fixtures include 90 degree, 180 degree, T-Peel, or Floating Roller. The test is done by partially peeling from the backing medium, when inserting the medium into the fixture, while the free end of the sample is inserted into an appropriate upper grip. The upper grip is connected to the crosshead, which is driven in the tensile direction so that the laminate is peeled away the backing. The exact force required to peel the laminate is monitored by a load weighing system, which provides a direct measurement of bond strength. Peel fixtures are used in the peel test which used to measure the bonding strength of tape, adhesives and flexible substrates, including rubber, films, biomaterials, dental materials, medical packaging and consumables.

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