Wedge Action Fixtures

Wedge action fixtures form part of the equipment used to clamp, hold or position an item, device, or piece of software in place during a testing process. The most common type of wedge action fixture is a wedge action grip. The influence of test fixtures on test results is important and is an ongoing subject of research, so it’s important to use only high-quality fixtures that don’t interfere with test results themselves. Wedge action grips are effective as they create a wedging action with jaw inserts that slide relative to the interior walls of the grip ‘chamber’ (also known as the grip body). The clamp force increases as the jaw closs, both during test sample installation and the test loading. Wedge action fixtures (particularly wedge action grips) are used the fields of research and development, laboratory, quality, and production. They are used when testing physical devices rather than electronics or software.

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