Materials, Chemicals and Gases

An almost limitless number of Materials, Chemicals and Gases are used in industry on a daily basis. They provide the raw materials from which most of the artificial and manufactured products the world consumes, are made. Materials such as plastics, synthesised rubbers and resins are used to produce both everyday products like tyres and toys and more specialised products such as building materials and lab gloves. Chemicals, including commodity, inorganic, organic and Fine Chemicals are the building blocks for the production of materials like plastics and products produced for pharmaceutical companies. If you are a company that produces something, whether it’s an end product or a building block of that product, the use of Materials, Chemicals and Gases will be involved in that production process.

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  1. Ceramics
    - 3 Suppliers 7 Products

    Ceramic materials are used in a wide variety of industries including automotive industry, electronics, energy and environment, medical technology and mechanical engineering. They are highly favoured because of their strength, flexible and resistance to wear and tear, corrosions and chemicals.

  2. Commodity Chemicals
    - 34 Suppliers 7,196 Products

    Commodity chemicals refer to a group of chemicals that are made on a large scale to accommodate global markets. The prices fluctuate and are regularly published on websites or in chemical magazines. Commodity chemicals are considered the building blocks to producing the materials needed for construction, engineering and manufacturing.

  3. Composites
    - 0 Suppliers 2 Products

  4. Fine Chemicals
    - 3 Suppliers 28 Products

    Fine chemicals are defined as single, complex pure chemical substances and are produced in smaller quantities than batch chemicals. Two broad categories of fine chemicals exist, including Exclusives and Standard or catalogue products. Most of the fine chemicals produce are used in pharmaceuticals, but they are also used in other speciality industries including Animal health, Adhesives and Electronics.

  5. Industrial Gases
    - 5 Suppliers 5,005 Products

    Industrial gases to suit a variety of applications are available from the Applegate Supplier network.

  6. Industrial Oils and Fluids
    - 4 Suppliers 168 Products

  7. Metals
    - 35 Suppliers 12,782 Products

    Metals generally encompass all elements other than hydrogen and helium. They are good conductors making them valuable in all electrical appliances. Metal is also strong and malleable, making they are frequently used in construction and in post vehicles and railroad tracks.

  8. Speciality Chemicals
    - 56 Suppliers 4,523 Products

    Speciality chemicals are chemicals which perform a specialised function depending on the industry in which the chemical is used. Common industries that use speciality chemicals include automobile, aerospace, food, cosmetics, agriculture, manufacturing, and textile industries.