Anti-Vibration Mounts

Any device that is designed for vibrations handling will be categorised as a vibration isolator. This is the term given to any device that is intended to reduce the impact of vibrations on machinery. The variety of vibrations handling devices is vast but the basic principle of them all is the same. All vibration isolators work to isolate, absorb, and reduce shock and vibration to ensure a quieter or smoother operation. Bushings are a common type of vibrations handling device, also known as an anti-vibration mounting. Level mounts combine neoprene and steel housings to withstand heavy loads and eliminate shimming from applications. Stud mounts contain anti-damping qualities and can withstand millions of cycles. Vibrations handling devices are essential in a vast number of applications across all types of industry, as well as in many domestic applications.

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  1. Bushings
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    Bushings, often referred to as rubber bushings, are vibration isolators that are constructed from a material, such as neoprene, with a carbon steel sleeve. They are an anti-vibration mounting, the type of which can be seen in the automotive industry and in pumps, compressors and various types of portable machinery applications.

  2. Level Mounts
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    Level mounts, also sometimes known as foot mounts and levelling mounts, are durable anti-vibration handling devices, capable of withstanding heavy loads, and often extreme temperatures too. Level mounts are vibration isolators that are generally easy to install and they will eliminate shimming as a result of their levelling capabilities.

  3. Stud Mounts
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    Stud mounts are high performing anti-vibration mounts that contain vibration damping capabilities. This allows stud mounts to retain their performance and to withstand millions of cycles. Stud mounts are best suited to compression applications with a low shear force.

  4. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.