Split Clamps

Split clamps are used to enable smooth operation, even force distribution and reliable holding power on machinery shafts. There are a wide range of different specifications available to meet the requirements of a wide number of applications across various industries. The most common types are one-piece and two-piece split clamps. One-piece split clamps feature a single screw. Axial holding power is increased according to the set screw type. One-piece split clamps are especially useful on machines where there is no direct access to the end of the shaft. Two-piece split clamps have two screws so, unlike one-piece split clamps, they can be completely disassembled if necessary. In general, two-piece split clamps provide around 10% more overall holding power when compared with an equivalent one-piece version. Due to their variety and versatility, split clamps can be used in a wide range of applications and in machinery in various industries. Two-piece split clamps are more adaptable and three-piece split clamp couplings offer the greatest versatility overall. Just like a two-piece, they can be installed in any position but they also have the benefit that they can be assembled on one shaft, but disassembled on another, simultaneously.