Threaded Clamps

Threaded clamps, or threaded shaft collars, have essentially the same qualities as conventional smooth bore designs. However, threaded clamps provide several additional benefits over their smooth bore counterparts. Firstly, threaded collars offer a greater amount of axial holding power. In general, threaded clamps are also easier and more convenient to both install and adjust. Threaded clamps are available in a diverse range of thread sizes and thread pitches. Locknut threads are also available. Many designs will come with the bearing lock nut and threaded clamp double-tapped. This design ensures easy installation, a precise fit and extends the life of the shaft too. With the benefits of increased axial holding power and easy installation qualities, threaded clamps are the ideal solution in a wide variety of different machinery applications. The extensive range of specifications, sizes and pitches further increases the appeal of threaded clamps for use in various types of machinery and different industries.

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