Bellows Couplings

Bellows couplings are also known as information transmitting couplings. They are ideally suited to applications where precision positioning is necessary and where constant velocity is a requirement. Bellows couplings provide an extremely lightweight coupling with low inertia. As a bellows coupling has no moving parts, it offers longevity and will remain maintenance-free. Zero backlash is another obvious benefit of bellow couplings. Bellows couplings come in two main types: pin hub and clamp, and with various torque and misalignment ranges to make them suitable for use in a wide number of applications. As well as the various specifications available with bellows couplings, it is the combination of stainless steel bellows and aluminium hubs in their design that enables their high performance in motion control applications. Another important feature of bellows couplings is their balanced design which greatly reduces vibration in constant and high velocity applications. As bellows couplings enable axial and parallel misalignment, alongside axial motion, they are extremely versatile. Bellows couplings are particularly suited for stopper, encoder and positioning applications.

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