Couplings are devices used to connect two shafts so that power transmission can occur. The main function of couplings is to allow some degree of movement and misalignment whilst at the same time joining two pieces of equipment that are in rotation. Usually, it is not possible to disconnect shafts when they are in operation. However, some couplings have torque limiting properties so the coupling will disconnect if the torque limit is exceeded. There are a wide range of couplings available for use in different applications. The most flexible type of couplings are clamped couplings, also known as compression rigid couplings. The two parts of this type of coupling fit together to form a sleeve around the shaft. For heavier loads and industrial purposes, flanged rigid couplings are the best option. Rigid couplings align shafts precisely. Couplings are used in various types of machinery for many different purposes. Common uses include connecting units that have been manufactured separately, enabling the parts to be disconnected for repairs, maintenance or alteration. Couplings are used to reduce shock load transmission and to protect against overloading. Couplings also enable power to be transferred from one end to another.

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  1. Absorbathane Couplings
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    Absorbathane couplings are also referred to as shock absorbing couplings. It is their shock absorbing capabilities that makes them so useful, particularly in the automotive industry. Various sizes, torque ranges and misalignment ranges are available to suit the requirements of different applications. Shock is absorbed by means of flexible plastic parts that connect the hubs of the coupling.

  2. Beam Couplings
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    Beam couplings, or helical couplings, are flexible couplings used for the transmission of torque between two shafts. Beam couplings enable axial motion, as well as misalignment. Beam couplings are single-piece constructions, giving them flexibility and avoided potential backlash. Beam couplings can be used in various applications across several industries, including robotics and aerospace.

  3. Bellows Couplings
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    Bellows couplings, or information transmitting couplings, are ideal for constant velocity applications where precision positioning is required. Maintenance-free and long-lasting, bellows couplings offer zero backlash, parallel and angular misalignment, as well as axial motion in a wide variety of applications, especially positioning.

  4. Disc Couplings
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    Disc couplings transmit torque to a driven bolt from a driving bolt through a bolt circle. The transmission of torque is made possible by a series of packed stainless steel discs. Single disc couplings feature a single disc spring, whereas double disc springs host a central spacer in between two disc springs. Disc couplings are used in high speed and constant velocity applications.

  5. Misalignment Couplings
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    Misalignment couplings, also known as Oldham couplings are able to allow both parallel misalignment and angular misalignment. They have torque limiting qualities as well as offering electrical isolation. Misalignment couplings are suitable for use in light industrial applications and a wide variety of motion control applications.

  6. Shock Absorbing Couplings
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    Shock absorbing couplings are ideally suited to handle the demands of applications that have high deceleration or acceleration speeds. Shock absorbing couplings, often called jaw couplings, counteract the vibration and shock loads and lessen the impact on machinery components. Shock absorbing couplings also have impressive torque transmission qualities.

  7. Sleeve Couplings
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    Sleeve couplings are a basic coupling type, often referred to as box couplings, are suitable for a wide variety of applications, particularly those that require precision positioning or constant velocity. Benefits of sleeve couplings are their rigidity and zero backlash capabilities.

  8. Spider Couplings
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    Spider couplings, sometimes known as jaw couplings, are an excellent solution for shock absorbing needs. Available in straight tooth jaw versions that are ideal for applications requiring constant motion, and curved jaw versions that are suitable for high precision applications. As well as shock absorbing, spider couplings also transmit torque and dampen vibration.

  9. Telescopic Universal Joint Couplings
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    Telescopic universal joint couplings provide motion transmission, power transmission – or both. They are double jointed and feature an adjustable sliding central section. Telescopic universal joint couplings can utilise either plain bearings or needle roller bearings, the latter offering greater capacity for speed of application. Telescopic universal joint couplings are used in a variety of domestic and industrial applications.

  10. Universal Joint Couplings
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    Universal joint couplings enable power and/or motion transmission, offering a positive connection between two rotating shafts that usually intersect rather than running parallel. Universal joint couplings are available in steel or thermoplastic, the latter being especially suitable for light industrial applications due to self-lubricating qualities and the ability to handle high speeds.

  11. Universal Lateral Couplings
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    Universal lateral couplings are misalignment couplings that combine the pivotal qualities of universal joint couplings and the sliding action of Oldham, or misalignment couplings. With backlash eliminated due to integral pins, universal lateral couplings offer generous compensation against angular and parallel misalignment and are suitable for a wide variety of general purpose applications.

  12. Wafer Spring Couplings
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    Wafer spring couplings share many of the operational qualities of Oldham, or misalignment, couplings. They also work in the same way as flexible disc couplings by transmitting torque through metal plates. A central section orbits between two hubs. Wafer spring couplings compensate for parallel misalignment and can also handle angular misalignment. They are suitable for light and medium-duty application use.

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