Universal Joint Couplings

Universal joint couplings offer a positive mechanical connection between two rotating shafts. Usually, the shafts are intersecting rather than be being in a parallel position. Universal joint couplings can transmit power or motion, and with certain specifications, both. Universal joint couplings can be constructed either from steel or various thermoplastic materials. Those made from steel will offer a maximum capacity load, determined by the size of the coupling. Thermoplastic versions are self-lubricating universal joint couplings and are especially useful in high-speed applications. Universal joint couplings have a vast number of uses in various applications, both in domestic or industrial settings. They are often used in electronics, instrumentation and optical devices. From radio equipment to control mechanisms to sewing and textile machinery, universal joint couplings are suitable for them all. Thermoplastic universal joint couplings are most commonly seen in light industrial applications. They have many benefits include high resistance against corrosion, self-lubricating features and the fact they are lightweight.

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