Wafer Spring Couplings

Wafer spring couplings are flexible couplings that operate in a similar fashion to Oldham Couplings in that they have the ability to compensate for and correct parallel misalignment. This is achievable by means of the central section of the wafer spring coupling. This orbits between the two hubs. An additional benefit of wafer spring couplings is that they can also handle angular misalignment as well. There are various types of wafer spring couplings. Like other flexible disc couplings, they transmit torque through plates that are mounted on the shafts. Wafer spring couplings are available in various sizes of bore and hub lengths to suit use with a variety of different applications. Wafer spring couplings are incredibly useful as, not only are they ideal for correcting parallel misalignment, they are also capable of handling degrees of angular misalignment as well. This, along with the wide variety of different sizes and specifications available, make wafer spring couplings suitable for a wide range of light to medium-duty applications.

  • Tandler Precision Ltd