Cam Followers

Cam followers, also known as track followers, are designed to follow cam lobe profiles. There are many different configurations available but the main differentiator is the method with which the cam follower mounts to its mating part. There are two methods: stud style and yoke style. A stud cam follower employs a stud, whereas a yoke cam follower features a hole through the middle. There are various different types of cam followers. Full complement needle roller cam followers are one of the most frequently used anti-friction elements. They cannot handle thrust loads, but are capable of withstanding heavy radial loads. Some specialized cam followers are designed to be able to withstand thrust loads. In these mechanisms, tapered roller bearing constructions are usually employed. Roller design cam followers are normally used for heavy-duty applications. Bushing type followers are sometimes used where only lighter loads are required. Heavy studs can be employed in stud cam followers for greater static load capability. Yoke cam followers are suitable where minimal deflection is a requirement.