Gearbox Assemblies

Gearbox assembly, or gearbox assemblies, typically relate to any transmission assembly system that is used to power machinery applications. Often these are made to custom specifications to meet the exact needs of particular applications or industry types. Gearbox assemblies usually feature either straight or right angle gearboxes. Typically, they are either shaft or foot mounted and often feature spur or worm drive gears, but not exclusively. Functional testing of gearbox assemblies will include torque, load and mechanical testing to ensure that they are precision engineered for the needs of specific applications. Gearbox assemblies are used in all sorts of industries, from automotive to aerospace to construction.

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  1. Cam Assemblies
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    Cam assemblies are available in two main types, split hub and pin hub. For both types of operations, differences in the size of the inner and outer diameter and the centre measurement will dictate their use in specific applications. Pin hub cam assemblies have various sub drill and set screw sizes.

  2. Cam Followers
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    Cam followers, also widely known as track followers, follow cam lobe profiles. Various configurations are available and there are several different types of cam followers. Stud and yoke are the main differences, but various specifications and anti-friction elements are designed for use with either light-duty applications or for heavy-duty use.

  3. Gearboxes
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    Gearboxes are power transmission devices that utilise gears in enclosed housing. They can transfer energy, reduce speed and increase torque. A vast range of different gearbox configurations make gearboxes suitable for applications in various industries and in many rotary motion transmission applications.

  4. Geneva Mechanisms
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    A Geneva Mechanism, also known as a Geneva Drive is a mechanism that produces intermittent rotary motion from uniform speed input. It can be used in any indexable machine. A Geneva Mechanism is powered by a driving crank that forces the star wheel, the driven part, into motion.

  5. Rachet and Pawls
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    Ratchet and pawls are round gear mechanisms that work in a linear rack to enable continuous rotary or linear motion, whilst ensuring that motion cannot occur in the opposite direction. The ratchet is the round gear and the pawl is the spring-loaded finger.

  6. Roller Bearing Cam Followers
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    Roller bearing cam followers, also known as roller bearing track followers, follow cams (or tracks) in linear motion systems. Roller bearing cam followers are used extensively in conveyor and transfer production lines and also in the defence and aerospace industries in a variety of applications.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.