Spiral Pins

Spiral pins are also commonly known as coiled pins, or coiled spring pins. Spiral pins are self-retaining fasteners that are created by roll forming a metal strip into a spiral cross sections. The body diameter of a spiral pin is always larger than the diameter of its intended hole. Chamfers on both ends allow the pin to be started into the hole. Its spring action allows compression which starts from the outer edge and moves through the coils to the centre of the pin. Spiral pins are available in three different duties: standard, light duty and heavy duty. Common materials used are alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. With so many strength, diameter and flexibility options available, spiral pins are incredibly versatile. As spiral pins continue to flex after insertion into a hole, they provide excellent performance and counteract fatigue effectively. They are used in a vast array of applications, particularly in the electrical and automotive industries and are used as hinge pins in a variety of handles, locks and latches.

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