The basic principle of a spring mechanism is a vital component of many mechanical products, from industrial machinery to simple everyday items such as a DVD case. Therefore there are a wide variety of springs available to suit all sorts of applications. Compression springs, so named because they work by compressing, come in three main types: conical (seen in many everyday items), barrel or convex compression springs that can bear heavier loads and hourglass compression springs. Extension springs work by extending and come with a range of hooks and loops to suit various applications. Torsion springs operate by twisting and anti-backlash torsion springs are for use in gearing systems. Wave springs are an alternative to compression springs and are used in smaller assembly applications. An extensive range of mechanical systems require springs to operate safely and smoothly and different types of springs can be seen in a vast number of applications.

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  1. Anti-Backlash Torsion Springs
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    Anti-backlash torsion springs are applied to gearing systems. When one of the gears is turned, the loaded anti-backlash torsion spring creates anti-backlash torque. The result is that gear trains will not lose motion when the rotation is reversed and the anti-backlash springs counteracts and works against any backlash.

  2. Coil Springs
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    Coil springs are mechanical devices that are used in a wide variety of applications to store and release energy, maintain force or absorb shock. They are commonly used in computer keyboards, spring mattresses, garage doors, car suspension systems and upholstery.

  3. Compression Springs
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    Compression springs are usually constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel, but can be made from various other materials. There are three main types of compression spring: conical compression springs, barrel compression springs and hourglass compression springs. Compression springs are found in a vast range of applications, wherever compression is required.

  4. Extension Springs
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    Extension springs are able to absorb energy and store this up as well as being capable of creating a resistance against the pulling force. Internal tension can be manipulated according to the size of the load in a particular application. Various end coil hook and loop styles are available.

  5. Torsion Springs
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    Torsion springs are commonly made from stainless steel or carbon steel. Modifications are made to the positioning of the spring legs and tips to suit different applications. There are two main types available, single torsion springs and double torsion springs.

  6. Wave Springs
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    Wave springs are a useful alternative to conventional compression springs and are especially useful in applications that require a tight load deflection and any assemblies that have reduced spatial settings. Wave springs reduce the size and weight of an assembly.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.