Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical equipment is used to define all the supplies used in a medical environment including furniture, tools, appliances and storage. Medical equipment specifically used in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring is known as armamentarium. Typical medical equipment and supplies includes medical couches, rehab couches, treatment couches, first aid couches, medical screens, clinic chairs, treatment chairs, trolleys, ancillary, bags and cases, dopplers, anaesthetic machines, height measurers, medical scales, CT scanners, MRI machines, ECG machines, incubators, heart-lung machines, dialysis machines, stethoscopes, and thermometers. Medical equipment and supplies is used medical, clinical, surgical, and rehabilitation applications by doctors, nurses, surgeons, counsellors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and psychiatrists.

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  1. Medical Equipment
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    Medical equipment is specially used in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring in medical, clinical, surgical, and rehabilitation applications. Such equipment is commonly known as armamentarium. Typical medical equipment includes diagnostic equipment, treatment equipment, biomedical electrical equipment, dental equipment, life support equipment, medical monitors, medical laboratory equipment, and therapeutic equipment.

  2. Medical Furniture
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    Medical furniture is the category used to describe all the furniture housed in a medical setting, be it a doctors’ surgery, clinic, dental practice or hospital. It includes typical office based furniture for medical staff, as well as specialist furniture that allows for patient treatment, examination or diagnostics.

  3. Medical Supplies
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    Medical supplies are used in hospitals, doctors’ clinics, dental surgeries and various out-of-hospital situations dealt with by emergency services and military. Some types of medical supplies are commonly used domestically and stored in a first aid kit at home.