Archiving and Storage Products

Archiving and storage products consist of various items which are essential for archiving and storing importance records in the forms of documents for long term. Any business establishment and even non-commercial offices need to maintain records by storing files and documents for a long term. Archiving and storage product are designed to help businesses in managing space and maintain archives at the same time. Archiving and storage solutions such as filling cabinets, office cupboards, office bookcases, multi-drawer cabinets, drawer pedestals, lockers, safes, racks, shelves make the task of maintaining and managing archives easier. Modern archiving and storage products come equipped with indexing systems which allows one to maintain different sort of files/records in an alphabetical manner and allows one to locate a file/folder at a short notice.

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  1. Box Files
    - 0 Suppliers 188 Products

    Box files are made up of cardboard instead of light plastic or paper and are designed to store a large quantity of documents. Most box files are equipped with locking mechanisms to ensure the safety of stored documents and are available for many paper sizes such as A4, Foolscap, A3 and A5 etc.

  2. Dividers & Indices
    - 1 Supplier 589 Products

    Dividers and Indices make the task of indexing and dividing documents within a file easier and with their colour coded tab system allows one to easily locate any document stored under a category. 5 part and 10 part dividers and indices for A4 size are the most commonly used ones.

  3. Lever Arch Files & Accessories
    - 0 Suppliers 626 Products

    Lever Arch Files are used for storing a large number of documents. To ensure longevity these files are made of polypropylene plastic and often use metal clips for storing documents. Although, lever arch files are available in most popular paper sizes such as A3 or A5, A4 and foolscap remains the most popular dimensions for lever arch files.

  4. Organisation Folders
    - 0 Suppliers 314 Products

    Organisation folders are an essential part of office supplies and are used extensively in almost all offices for storing documents. As the name suggests, the main purpose of organisation folders is to keep documents and files organised allowing a person to locate and access any document at a short notice.

  5. Plastic Pockets
    - 3 Suppliers 600 Products

    Plastic pockets are used in offices of all types for storing documents. Most plastic pockets are punched and are made up of Polypropylene. A4 size is the most common size for plastic pockets as most documents are also printed on A4 size papers.

  6. Presentation Binders & Folders
    - 4 Suppliers 70 Products

    Presentation binders & folders are an omnipresent feature of a modern office and are essential for storing and presenting documents. Due to their widespread usage, presentation binders come in all paper sizes and can also be categorized per their ring diameters, capacity and the number of rings.

  7. Ring Binders
    - 0 Suppliers 592 Products

    Ring Binders are especially designed for durability and are considered among the best ways for storing documents. Ring binders are available in all popular sizes such as A4, A3 or A5 and are available in portrait or landscape shapes.

  8. Storage Boxes
    - 7 Suppliers 1,461 Products

    Storage Boxes are an ideal solution for storing and archiving documents and folders. Metal, plastic and cardboard is the most widely used material for storage boxes and these boxes are mainly available for A4 or foolscap sizes.

  9. Suspension Files
    - 0 Suppliers 492 Products

    Suspension files are often used in filing cabinets with suspension filing systems as these offer a convenient and flexible way of storing and organizing documents. Suspension files are made up of a different variety of material such as Manilla Paper, plastic etc. and up to 25-30 suspension files can be used in a filing cabinet.

  10. Transfer files
    - 0 Suppliers 817 Products

    Transfer files are files especially designed for transferring documents from one place to another. Transfer files can hold up to 400-500 A4 size sheets of paper and are often accompanied by a simple locking mechanism which ensures the safety of your documents.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.