Cleaning Materials

Each office, irrespective of size or location requires cleaning on a regular basis. Due to this simple reason office cleaning materials, such as Air Fresheners & Sanitizers, Bleaches, Stain Removers, Sanitizers, Toilet Cleaners, hand held dusters and cleaning cloths, mop head, mop buckets, sponge and metallic scrub pads brooms & brushes, cleaning fluids and powders are required in an office on a regular basis and most often businesses buy these items as part of their regular office supplies. As is clear from the above description, cleaning material refers to several items and even these products individually can be divided into numerous categories. The monthly cost associated with cleaning materials can also vary greatly and largely depends on the amount of cleaning materials consumed in an office and brand of cleaning materials used.

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  1. Air Fresheners
    - 1 Supplier 210 Products

    Air fresheners are used in almost all offices and workplaces for masking odours. Most air fresheners contain fragrance which allows one to remove odours and create a pleasant smell in any office. Air freshening sprays are the most popular form of air fresheners used in offices.

  2. Brooms and Brushes
    - 9 Suppliers 1,541 Products

    Brooms and brushes such as feather dusters, manual brooms, roller brushes, toilet brushes, scrubbing brushes and dustpan & brush sets are used in all offices for cleaning the floors, lobbies and toilets. These are more durable than other cleaning materials used in the office and don’t need to be replaced on a regular basis as is the case with other items such as cleaning powder or fluids.

  3. Cleaning Cloths and Sponges
    - 19 Suppliers 1,260 Products

    Cleaning cloths and sponges are used for cleaning floors, glasses, desks, tables, kitchens, dishes, toilets, bath tubs etc. in an office. Cleaning cloth in one form or another is used in almost every home and office and there are also separate cleaning cloths for use in automobiles such as cars.

  4. Cleaning Fluids and Powders
    - 15 Suppliers 1,581 Products

    Cleaning fluids and powders of different types are extensively used in offices for cleaning utensils, floors, kitchens, toilets/bathrooms. Cleaning fluids and powders are essential for any office and are considered part of regular office supplies which businesses buy monthly.

  5. Pressure Washers
    - 4 Suppliers 44,649 Products

    Pressure washers provide the best way for removing dust, stains or other sticky dirt such as grease from floor and walls. Pressure washers can run on electric power, gas, petrol, diesel although electric pressure washers are most commonly used in offices.

  6. Steam Cleaners
    - 3 Suppliers 86 Products

    Steam cleaners primarily use the heat generated by steam or vapour for cleaning stains, dust and other dirt and are often used in offices for cleaning difficult stains. Portable steam cleaners are frequently used for cleaning windows and other glass surfaces.

  7. Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories
    - 6 Suppliers 750 Products

    Vacuum cleaners are the preferred choice of office cleaners as they require little learning and can suck up most type of dust and dirt usually found in offices. Vacuum cleaners are effective on almost all surfaces and have become a mainstay of office cleaning equipment over the years.

  8. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 4,828 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.