Cleaning Fluids and Powders

No cleaning process is complete without the use of cleaning fluids and powders as these are required for almost any type of cleaning. Cleaning fluids can be broadly divided into three categories namely those intended for use in kitchen, floor and toilets/bathrooms. These categories can also be further divided into subcategories such as cleaning fluids for cleaning utensils in a kitchen vs cleaning utensils for kitchen floor or tables etc. Although there are several universal cleaning chemicals available, people tend to buy separate cleaning fluids and powders for different needs as these are often more effective than the universal ones. Cleaning fluids for toilets also contain anti-bacterial chemicals and sanitizers for killing the bacteria present in lavatories. Detergents are also considered a part of cleaning fluids and powders, but they are not so common in offices as only very large workplaces have laundry facilities for their staff.

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