Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories

Any modern office requires cleaning on a regular basis, as a dirty office can be a big turn off for both clients and staff alike. Vacuum cleaners play a vital role in cleaning any office and are the easiest to use cleaning equipment and are the preferred choice of cleaners for everyday cleaning. Vacuum cleaners use an artificially create vacuum for sucking up dust and dirt from various surfaces. Vacuum cleaners primarily use electricity for powering up their motors and come up with a container whose capacity is measured in litres which are used for storing dust sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. Power consumption of a vacuum cleaner can range anywhere between 500 watts to 2000 watt, and the cable length is normally around 10-15 metres. Vacuum cleaners also require several accessories such as filter, vacuum bags, dust bags, nozzles, power brushes, rollers etc.

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