A huge range of microscopy equipment is available, firstly a wide range of microscopes and their components, but also chemicals for microscopy including buffers, fixatives, stains, resins, embedding media, and immunogold labelling reagents. For materials science cutting, grinding, and polishing equipment and supplies can be brought, and for life sciences high precision vibrating microtomes that deliver perfect sections, tissue baths, vortex mixers, rotators, plunge freezers, cryo preparation accessories, diamond knives, and supplies for tissue fixation, embedding, sectioning, staining, and analysis.

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  1. Eyepieces
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    Eyepieces are used in a variety of equipment including microscopes and telescopes, in a wide spectrum of industries including science and research, engineering, botany, entomology and astronomy. In each case, an eyepiece magnifies a subject for viewing – with the magnification strength depending on the focal length of the eyepiece.

  2. Finite Conjugate Objectives
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    Finite conjugate objectives provide a one lens solution for a wide range of microscopic applications including in industries of science and research, engineering, botany, entomology and astronomy. Common types of finite conjugate objectives include adjustable objections, Commercial Grade Standard Microscope Objectives, Compact Objective Assemblies, high-performance objectives, International Standard Microscope Objectives, and Achromatic Finite.

  3. Infinity Corrected Objectives
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    Infinity corrected objectives are optical systems that are commonly used in microscopes. In these objectives, the infinity distance is set to zero meaning that the magnification doesn’t change even when distance between the tube lens and objective lens is changed.

  4. Magnifiers
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    Magnifiers are used in a range of applications that require a magnification of an object under examination and are commonly found in telescopes and microscopes. Functions that utilise magnifiers include quality assurance, measuring, inspection and repairing small objects.

  5. Microscopy Cameras
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    Microscopy cameras are used in a microscope to either project what is seen on to a screen or to record the specimen through a series of photographs or videos. Two types of cameras that are suitable for microscopes including televisions (direct video) and computer capture (including USB and firewire connection).

  6. Microscopy Filters
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    Microscopy filters used in microscopes to increase contrast, remove ultraviolet and infrared light to make viewing for the researched more efficient. The most common categories of microscopy filters are emission, excitation and dichroic filters which are used in a wide range of microscopy applications including measuring, quality assurance, and research.

  7. Microscopy Mechanics
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    Microscopy mechanics is equipment used in microscopy to provide more efficient viewing through a microscope. Microscopy mechanics equipment offers the benefits of providing motion, mounting components and minimising vibration in the fields of measurement, quality assurance, investigation, and research.

  8. Pocket and Direct Microscopes
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    Pocket and direct microscopes allow for the immediate examination of specimens ‘on the go’ without having to collect them and return to a lab. They are portable, compact in size and easy to use for those in the fields of research.

  9. Reflective Objectives
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    Reflective objectives are used in the field of microscopy. They are essentially two mirrors that create an image or create a laser (in laser applications). The two most common types of reflective objectives are Schwarzschild objective and Infinity Corrected Reflective Objectives.

  10. Relay Lenses and Couplers
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    Relay lenses and couplers are equipment that can extend images, invert images and integrate video systems in a wide range of microscopy applications. Common types of relay lenses and couplers include C-Mount Camera Lens Adapters, Mounted Achromatic Lens Pairs, Mounted Near-IR (NIR) Achromatic Lens Pairs, 15mm, 30mm and 45mm Relay Lenses, Specific Microscope Video Relay Lenses and T-Adapter for Camera Bodies.

  11. Reticles and Stage Micrometers
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    Reticles and stage micrometers add measurement or comparison capabilities to microscopes. Types of measurements and comparison reticles include grids, rulers, comparators, cross-lines and scales which are commonly used in research, measuring and quality checks.

  12. Stereo Microscopes
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    Stereo microscopes are used in processes that require low magnification, including fields of dissection, watch-making, microsurgery, circuit board manufacture and forensic engineering. They are also widely used in the field of manufacturing for quality and manufacturing applications.

  13. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.