Answering machines

The answering machine is traditionally used for answering the telephone and recording callers’ messages. Unlike voicemail, the answering machines are physically on the user’s premises and incorporated into the user’s landline. Today, Answering Machines are slim, compact, very stylish and even cordless – blending into your residential or business environment. They can be purchased stand alone, or built in as part of your landline phone and really work to add power and range to your office or home-office set up. Forget about tapes that need wound, today messages are recorded on microchips for ease of use and clarity of recording. Digital displays mean messages can be played, saved and delete on demand. Answering machines (also called answerphone) work in two ways, 1) they can wait for a user intervention (where the user sends the call right to message service) or 2) where the answering machine takes over after a certain amount of rings. This makes them perfect for business or home use.

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