Sustainable and Renewable Energy Contractors

With the invention and wider availability of technology for renewable energy, many businesses are looking to install new systems and procedures into their offices and other workspaces that will take advantage of the earth’s natural resources to generate energy. Sustainable and renewable energy contractors can advise on the best ways to go about this. Not only do measures such as these help to reduce energy bills, but they can also contribute towards helping the environment. Additionally, businesses are subject to a government imposed climate change levy on their use of energy, another motivator to ‘go green’ with the help of renewable energy consultants. Some solutions possible may include solar panel or tube heating; ground or air source heating; photovoltaics; wind turbines; combined heat and power solutions; and biomass or biofuel heating systems. Some industries are duty-bound to take sustainability and renewable energy into account when planning their work. Architects and construction companies are progressively turning to renewable energy when planning and developing sustainable buildings, for example. Therefore, sustainable and renewable energy contractors are increasingly involved in the early stages of development projects, as well as retro-fitting solutions to existing buildings.

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