Customs Documentation and Compliance

Customs is an authority or agency responsible for controlling the flow of goods in and out of the country. Each country has its own law for the control of these goods and each country’s customs agency will collect any relevant taxes associated with these imports or exports. Customs agencies are normally government controlled and require various types of documentation to clear the goods being imported or exported. Depending on what you are importing or exporting and from which country to where there are many different documents that are required and many different rules and regulations that you must comply with. Whether you are importing or exporting goods the main document for both is a description of what the goods actually are and this will determine what other documents are required. Taxes must also be paid on imports and exports and again, this depends on the goods being transported. Any business or individual transporting goods from one place to another overseas should be aware of the customs documentation they require and ensure that the information they are providing is adequate and comprehensive enough to comply with customs requirements.

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