Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the transportation of goods by sea and is the most cost effective method of transporting heavy or large goods overseas. Sea Freight can also be used for smaller shipments and, depending on the goods being transported, specific containers will be used and security controls met. Sea Freight carriers use various types of container to ship the goods to ensure safe transportation and delivery. These containers are designed to store and carry different items dependent on the item being delivered. Dry containers, for example, are suitable for almost any kind of cargo due to their aluminium or steel design. Reefer containers are used when shipping temperature-controlled goods and flat-racked containers are used for heavier loads that need to be loaded from the side or top. Individuals and business may benefit by using Sea Freight as a method of transporting their goods abroad. These specialised firms will deal with the complicated and different legal requirements that are required in different countries to ensure a smooth and problem free delivery of your goods door to door and transportation costs will be minimised.

  • Rapid Fire Logistics

  • Scanwell Logistics

  • International Freight Solutions

  • Pioneer International Import/Export Limited

  • Cargo Link Express Limited

  • Courier Crew Ltd

  • HLS 2000 LIMITED

  • Metoni Logistics

  • IDG Courier

  • Espace Europe Ltd

  • AFerry Freight