Air Freight

Air Freight, or air cargo, is the transportation of goods by air and can be charter or commercial. This is specifically beneficial to certain companies as it is a quicker method of transportation and the places carrying the goods normally fly outside standard aviation zones and can go anywhere a plane can fly and land. Goods can be transported using a few different methods by air. Passenger aircraft can store goods in the baggage area on a scheduled flight; these goods can sometimes be transported within the cabin area of the plane and is often referred to as belly cargo. Cargo aircraft is specifically designed for the job of moving goods from one place to another by air and is used only for this purpose. Combi aircraft transports goods on the main deck of the aircraft behind the passenger area. Anyone may use an Air Freight company to deliver goods or letters from within their home country or to another. Air Freight transportation meets a high level of security requirements and it is for this reason that many people choose to use this, as it is fast and efficient as well as secure.