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The Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyser combines signal analysis capabilities with a new distributed real-time signal processing engine to provide unrivalled dynamic testing capabilities. The 900 Series hardware is designed for demanding field applications, and with modular gigabit Ethernet architecture, the 900 Series can be expanded to over 1,000 channels for laboratory use.

Data Physics SignalCalc Turbo Introduction

Arun Menon, Data Physics former Project Manager of SignalCalc, discusses Dynamic Signal Analyzers and product developments in December of 2009. Data Physics is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement solutions for noise and vibration applications including dynamic signal analyzers, vibration controllers, and shakers. Customers span a number of industries including aerospace, automotive, environmental testing, electronics, manufacturing, military and defense, power generation and turbomachinery, civil engineering, education and research, semiconductors, off-highway machinery, and rotating equipment manufacturers.

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