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Zouch Converters one of the UK’s leading foam and tape specialists are proud to reveal their ZOUCHflex CM-L high performance closed cell extruded EPDM profiles.

These cellular rubber sealing strips can be offered with or without an acrylic glass fibre scrim adhesive for quick, easy and clean mounting, along with added strength offer very good aging properties and excellent Ozone resistance.

Predominately used within the window and door industry to ensure water and air tightness, these multi-functional UV Stable profiles can also prevent noise and vibration dampening and will remain flexible throughout service life.

Supplied in numerous dimensions and formats to suit your specification and needs, ZOUCHflex CM-L is fast becoming the number one choice for draught sealing and gap sealing whereby significant energy savings and improved indoor climate are achieved.

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Zouch Converters is an international supplier of an extensive range of material and component products for bonding, sealing, joining, protecting, insulating and the control of various noise issues such as vibration, motion and mechanical shock. The company converts adhesive and non-adhesive foam and tape onto rolls, spools or precise die-cut parts. The huge array of products are manufactured for use by a wide range of market sectors including agriculture, horticulture, furniture, electrical, trunking, automotive, medical, construction, building, industrial, solar, energy, optical, commercial and retail.

High Performance Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Zouch Converters has clients located throughout the world who demand superior quality and high performance products. The foam materials available include neoprene, EPDM, polyethylene, EVA, polyurethane, PVC, reticulated, impregnated, silicone, cork, felt, Nitrile/PVC blend, latex, HF weldable vinyl’s and flame retardant foams. The majority of the materials can be produced with a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesives such as rubber based or acrylic, permanent or temporary bonding and a vast array of carrier substrates for numerous applications. Zouch Converters offers the same flexible, efficient and reliable service for slit rolls, master logs, precise die-cut parts and spools in plain or tailored packaging.  

Experience and Service

The experienced and professional team at Zouch Converters has extensive knowledge and understanding of application technology and works closely with the client to ensure an appropriate solution is found. The design team can provide prototype parts based on technical drawings and material specifications allow the team to source the best and most cost effective materials for particular applications. Zouch Converters will oversee the whole project from the initial enquiry and quotation through to manufacture and delivery. The company has worked with many renowned and innovative brands and organisations such as BMW, Kraft Foods, Triumph, Bosch, Johnson & Johnson and 3M. 

ZOUCHmount Series

The ZOUCHmount series is a range of high performance double-sided self-adhesive foam tapes that are specified for applications such as joining, bonding, fixing and mounting in interior and exterior situations. This range is an ideal alternative to mechanical fasteners and rivets and liquid adhesives. The foam tapes are clean and easy to use, have a long shelf life, do not require any pre-mixing, produce less waste, offer a neat finish, reduce labour requirements, do not require specialist tools or skills for application and have superior vibration dampening and shock absorption properties. ZOUCHmount double-sided bonding tapes can be fabricated in numerous formations to satisfy the requirements of each individual application.

• Single-sided tapes are specified for sealing and protecting applications and include ZOUCHlen 120, ZOUCHlen 111 and ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1 and are produced in rolls, pads, logs, sheets, gaskets or any die-cut shape

• Double-sided foam and adhesive tapes offer strong, versatile and effective adhesion for bonding, fixing and joining of paper, BS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, metal, rubber, UPVC, soft UPVC, polyethylene and polypropylene

ZOUCHefoam Range

ZOUCH eFoam products are made up of closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam in continuous extruded rolls or block format buns and can be used to form the simplest single density designs through to multi-density composite layers. The foams are manufactured as physically irradiation (IXPE) or chemically cross-linked (XLPE) and offer increasingly diverse market sectors with cost-effective, lightweight, high performance material options.

The ZOUCH eFoam ranges include ethylene co-polymer, conductive and static dissipative foams and also flame retardant grade foams in various combinations of density, colour and size. ZOUCH eFoam has superior impact absorbing properties, is durable and non-toxic, UV resistant and thermally insulating. It is available in various forms ranging from soft and flexible to hard and resilient and is chemical and moisture resistant. All ZOUCH eFoams can be routed cleanly to produce complex shapes in any size and can be split, sawn, scoured, water jet cut, die cut, butt welded and heat laminated together to produce larger blocks. Zouch eFoam is specified for applications including:

Automotive: panelling, sound and heat insulation, vibration pads, seals and gaskets and anti-rattle pads
Packaging: case inserts, cushion packaging and display packaging
Sport and Leisure: mats, buoyancy aids, liners, protection padding, playground safety, seats and swimming floats
Marine: life jackets, lifebuoys, wetsuits, boat seat fenders and seat cushions
HVAC: pipe insulation, heating and power system insulation, copper and pipe insulation of internal and external A/C units and HVAC duct work sealing tapes
Military: camping mats, helmet lining, padding and packaging
Footwear and bags: laptop computer cases, back-packs, suitcases, leather and artificial leather lamination, skiing boots, trekking, training and walking boots, cell phone cases, soles, bootlegs and flaps
Heathcare and Medical: splinting, orthopaedic aids, collars, mats, cushions, foam wedges, heel and ankle stabilizers and thermoformed materials for brace and orthotic supports
Building and Construction: pipe insulation, floor underlay, expansion joint fillers, frost blankets, concrete curing blankets, eaves fillers, insulation and cold bridging tapes

Acoustic, Filtration & Technical Foams:

Our ZOUCHkousti series are open cell Polyurethane foams covering a whole range of acoustic, filtration and technical foams. The open cell foam product itself is light, inexpensive and durable with many applications. Generally available as either a Polyester or Polyether type, this open cell foam material is sold into a wide range of industries including: Automotive, Packaging, Cosmetic, Medical, Filtration, Retail and the Furniture & Bedding sector.

Sponge Rubber

The ZOUCHflex CM-L sponge rubber components series are closed-cell EPDM (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene, Monomer) sponges used generally for gasketing, sealing applications and electrical engineering.

These are high performance sponge rubber materials for demanding environmental conditions. Their inherent low temperature and exceptional UV and ozone resistance make them candidates for exterior applications in construction and automotive markets.

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We have positioned Zouch Converters to be the single source supplier of foam tape materials and self adhesive tapes offering one of the broadest ranges of products available from a manufacturer today. We are committed to delivering a wide range of superior quality products which are competitively priced. The company is motivated by the extensive client-base who utilise the products in everyday situations for a diverse range of applications. The product range undergoes continuous research and development to satisfy the ever changing requirements of the client. Zouch Converters welcomes enquiries from all industry sectors and has a vast knowledge and understanding of the product range to provide cost effective and reliable solutions regardless of the size and complexity of an application.

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