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At Zouch Converters, we are proud to be able to offer the most extensive range of high-performance adhesive tapes, foams and sealants across the world. Alongside our own flawless, premium products we source materials from the best manufacturers in the world. Using a consultative approach, we’ve built strong, trusted partnerships with some of the biggest brands and organisations worldwide and will continue to do so as we grow from strength to strength.

Delivering impeccable results for our clients from off-the-shelf components to bespoke design and development we cater to almost all industries from aviation and automotive to construction, healthcare and HVAC. With more than thirty years experience as industry leaders, the very latest in application technologies and unparalleled access to the most advanced materials on the market, whatever your goal is, we’re here to help you reach it.

  1. 2020 pandemic

    2020 pandemic
    Get in touch with our expert support team to discuss your requirements, supply levels and turnaround for PPE Full Face Shields and Foam Cushioning aids, in the fight against Coronavirus. Call 0115 856 2025.
  2. Abrasive Foam

    Abrasive Foam
    Abrasive foam is ideal for use in hard to reach areas and on profiles surfaces. It can be folded up without creasing and guarantees users an even, scratch-free sanded finish. When sanding with an abrasive foam, the focus is not on removing large amounts of material, but is on creating and maintaining as smooth and even a surface as possible. Abrasive foam is typically used to prepare a surface for further treatment, such as painting or varnishing. Abrasive foam is used in three dimensions when sanding to create a highly smooth finish with a low scratch depth. The foam acts as a carrier material in connection with a flexible binder resin. This allows grit to dissipate away from the main axis. As such, less material is removed than conventional sanding. For more information or to make an enquiry about abrasive foam, talk to Zouch Converters today.
  3. Absorbent Foam

    Absorbent Foam
    Absorbent foam is a type of low carbon impact foam. It is designed to absorb oil sheen whilst also maintaining all the low carbon impact attributes. Absorbent foam comes in forms such as pads and sweep form. The form works to absorb and remove oil sheet from water and polluted waters. Depending on the type, an absorbent foam could absorb up to 15 times it weight in fluids and can be specially formulated for your requirements. Absorbent foams are used in applications such as semiconductor manufacture for packaging products. It can also be used in medical applications such as wound care operations and in cleanrooms where surfaces must be kept spotlessly clean and sanitary. For more information on absorbent foam, talk to Zouch Converters today.
  4. Acoustic Foam Tapes

    Acoustic Foam Tapes
    Acoustic foam tapes are an extremely versatile form of (self-adhesive) acoustic tape. It comes in variations which remain the same size and which can expand to fill in a gap or void. Acoustic foam tapes are single sided tapes and are primarily used in sound absorption in industrial uses. It can be used to seal doors and windows, providing an additional acoustic barrier, dramatically reducing noise. Acoustic foam tapes generally come in rolls with a backing material which needs to be removed before usage. The foam tape itself is made of a material such as EPDM, polyethylene or other, similar, substance. For more information on tapes and their uses, contact the experts at Zouch Converters today
  5. Acoustic Rubber

    Acoustic Rubber
    Acoustic rubber is generally used as a mat, underlay or other sound absorption barrier which is used in industrial and commercial environments. Acoustic rubber generally takes the form of a lightweight blocking membrane which, as well as floors, can be used to insulate walls and ceilings from noise. It is a relatively thin and flexible material, allowing it to be used on most floors, walls and ceilings. At Zouch Converters our acoustic foam rubber soundproofing can dramatically reduce reverberation, sonic reflection and flutter echos in environments such as recording studios, theatres, music rooms, workshops and other commercial / industrial applications. Talk to Zouch Converters today for more information.
  6. Acrylic Adhesive Tape

    Acrylic Adhesive Tape
    Acrylic adhesive tape is a type of high performance structural bonding tape. It is used in critical and demanding applications, such as those where resistance to flexing is required. The acrylic part of the tape can absorb movement better than equivalent p.e foams which makes it suitable for outdoor applications such as in sign making and anywhere where diurnal cycles can cause thermal changes. Acrylic adhesive tape comes in a variety of roll sizes, thicknesses and colours. Standard colours include grey, black, white and grey. We can cut rolls to meet your requirements. Different colours have different applications. Black tapes are used in situations where they can absorb reflections and are often less visible on the eye. To find out more about the applications of acrylic adhesive tape, talk to Zouch Converters today.
  7. Acrylic Foam Structural Glazing Tape

    Acrylic Foam Structural Glazing Tape
    Acrylic foam structural glazing tape is used in applications such as structural glazing and is a viable, cost-effective choice for curtain wall glazing systems. Acrylic foam structural glazing tape has grown to replace conventional sealants such as silicone sealant and conventional structural glazing tape in 4 sided applications. It has grown in popularity over the past few years due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Acrylic foam structural glazing tape replaces both spacer tape and structural silicone tapes. It can be used at the primary bonding and sealing agent in glazing. For more information on the different types of structural glazing tapes and their applications, talk to Zouch Converters today.
  8. Acrylic Foam Tape

    Acrylic Foam Tape
    Acrylic foam tape is a high performance bonding agent. These tapes are designed and engineered to provide engineered assembly solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. Acrylic foam tape is deal for replacing either mechanical fasteners or liquid adhesives in semi-permanent and permanent applications. Traditional mechanical or liquid fasteners are often substituted by acrylic foam tape due to their properties. It provides a very strong and reliable bond. Acrylic foam tape is used to bond a wide range of substrates and surfaces. Foam tapes can withstand thermal movement and so are ideal in outdoor uses. As they are resistant to thermal movement, they also have excellent aging and weathering properties. For more information on acrylic foam tape and their applications, talk to Zouch Converters today.
  9. Acrylic Sealants

    Acrylic Sealants
    Acrylic sealants are sealing products which are based on acrylic polymers. They may be referred to by other names such as decorators or painter's caulk or decorators acrylic. Traditionally, they are used as a more cost-effective or economical filler and sealant. Acrylic sealants are mainly used internally (indoors), however they can be used externally. Acrylic sealants are sometimes used as a replacement for silicone sealant. Their main advantage is that they are paintable with most types of paints. They can outperform silicone sealants in certain situations. In external applications, the use of acrylic sealants is dictated by the climate they will be set in. In general, conditions must be dry and warm to avoid the sealant being washed out of the joint whilst curing. For more information on the the applications and benefits of acrylic sealants, contact Zouch Converters today.
  10. Adhesive Bonding Tapes

    Adhesive Bonding Tapes
    Adhesive bonding tapes are used when you need the right mixture of durability, strength and aesthetics. Adhesive bonding tapes are used for the secure and reliable bonding of a range of substrates such as metals, glass, industrial grades of plastics and other composite materials. Adhesive bonding tapes offer end users enhanced aesthetics and the flexibility to bond thinner, lighter materials. They provide excellent adhesion on low bonding surface and bonding dissimilar materials whilst also allowing for thermal expansion of the materials. Adhesive bonding tapes can be environmentally friendly, solvent-free and can be used in sign making. Benefits include a better finish in irregular surfaces and impact resistance as well as good overall resistance against the elements and heat. For more information on adhesive bonding tapes, talk to the experts at Zouch Converters today.