Heating Controls

Heating controls are used to control the heating system that is installed in your home or business. Having the ability to control the heating around you ensures a comfortable environment at home and at work. Although every heating device will have a means of controlling it, these vary massively in the degree and flexibility of controls. A programmer allows you to program your heating system for the foreseeable future so once it is set the program will stay that way until you change it. Thermostats work by setting the desired temperature, once this temperature is reached then the heating system will switch off, then when the temperature drops below the set temperature the heating will kick back in. More popular now are programmable room thermostats which combine the two methods above so the user specifies both the time the heating is on and the desired temperature. The introduction of Wi-Fi controls means that your thermostat can be controlled remotely from anywhere in your house or even via a mobile phone from outside the building. Heating controls are an essential piece of equipment to ensure that you get the best from your heating system in both domestic and industrial environments.

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