Site Lighting

Site lighting refers to any lighting system or network which is used to illuminate outdoor areas. It can be installed for reasons of safety, security (to deter crime), advertising or can be purely for decorative purposes. It can also be functional as it allows outdoor activities to be done at night. One type of site lighting is top lights, which are mounted on poles to cast a wide beam. At the entrance to buildings, uplights set in the ground illuminate the length of the path. LED (light-emitting diodes) or photovoltaic luminaires can provide an energy-efficient alternative to other lights. Accent lights are also used as site lighting to highlight am object or area, often for decorative or advertising purposes. Floodlights, which are metal halide and high pressure sodium lights, can be installed to emit a strong light for outdoor activities like football. Site lighting can be found in a variety of locations. Outside domestic, commercial properties and car parks, it can be a security and safety device to illuminate paths and obstacles. It can also be used for advertising and decorative purposes to highlight an area or structure. Similarly, gardens use site lighting to illuminate a landscape.

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