Torches are a portable hand-held electric light used outside when there is no artificial lighting or in emergency situations. It consists of a bulb mounted in a reflector with a transparent cover, a battery switch, all protected by a casing of plastic or metal. There are a range of torches. In terms of power, they can run on alkaline or lithium batteries and can be rechargeable. Some newer models are wind-up and charged by a crank. The types of bulbs used in torches can also vary. They can use incandescent bulbs, which use a tungsten filament in a vacuum or inert gas. Halogen bulbs give much higher power. Light-emitting diodes (LED) bulbs are more efficient and allow a longer battery life. Other more specialised types of bulb use coloured LED lights or High Intensity Discharge (HID). Helmet-mounted lights and camping lanterns are also kinds of torches. Torches are used by those whose work or hobby may take them outside at night. Specialised torches are available for use in underwater or flammable environments. Some torches can have a magnifying lens attached for specialised industries or jobs where a high-powered light needs to be concentrated on a specific point for intricate work.

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