Work Lights and Lamps

Work lights and lamps are a way to illuminate a work space. They are suitable for intricate work requiring high-intensity lights and are a way to avoid accidents. They can be fitted with LED (light-emitting diodes), incandescent, fluorescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Halogen is the brightest but there are concerns that they may be a fire hazard. The first type of work lights are lamps. They can be floor-standing, set on a table or set on an adjustable base like a tripod. They may be cordless and use rechargeable batteries and have a movable head to direct the light. Shop lights (or trouble lights) are inexpensive battery-powered or plug-in lights which are portable and provide hands-free illumination. Clamp lights are attached to table tops, workbenches or columns. Torches and headlamps are used in cramped places where there is little natural light. Work lights and lamps are of use to anyone working in the construction industry, whether they are general builders or doing specialised trades like plumbers. Craftsmen also use work lights to concentrate a high-intensity beam for intricate work. Work lights are also found in the home for those interested in DIY or home improvements.

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