Traffic Management

Good traffic management can reduce the number of accidents which involve pedestrians and vehicles on construction sites. Accidents are caused by inadequate planning and control and can be avoided if the site has roads and pathways suitable for vehicles and pedestrians as well as being sufficient in number and size. The key to good traffic management is keeping pedestrians and vehicles separate as much as possible. They should have separate entrances and exits. Pedestrian walkways should be well-lit, without obstacles and clearly signed and well-lit crossing points should be provided. Minimising vehicle movement also prevents accidents. Parking spaces should be situated away from work areas and deliveries should be made to storage points. A one-way system is much safer and a roundabout would avoid heavy machinery having to reverse. If a vehicle needs to reverse, a signaller should be present or the vehicle equipped with reversing warning alarms. Site lighting is extremely important along all paths and roads so all drivers have clear visibility especially at night. Traffic management on construction sites can save lives. Other ways to avoid accidents with vehicles are to ensure that all heavy machinery is operated by trained and experienced drivers. Construction workers should be encouraged to wear high-visibility clothing.

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