Cable Clips

One of the key aspects of cable management is that cables should be as unobtrusive as possible. Instead of lying on the floor in a tangle as a hazard to passers-by and being damaged, they should be secured to a surface out of the way. Cable clips are a device to manage cables by attaching them to a floor, skirting board, wall or ceiling. They are made up of two parts: a part to hold the cable and a securing device. Sometimes these functions are combined. There are a variety of cable clips of different shapes and sizes to accommodate any number of cables of any size. One of the most popular is the nail or cable saddle, which is h-shaped. Other types of cable clips have adhesive mounting, push mounting or tape. Some cable clips keep cables untangled by having a number of slots to fit the cables through or organise cables as a bundle or in a wrap. This is particularly useful for computer system components. Cable clips are often seen in engineering or industrial companies since they operate large numbers of machines or devices. Cable clips are increasingly seen in the home to organise the cables of home entertainment systems.

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