Twin and Earth

Also known as Two Core and Earth, Twin and Earth is a flat sheathed mains electricity cable which consists of two individual insulated current- carrying conductors and a central circuit protective conductor (CPE which means it is earth). In the UK the CPC is uninsulated or bare and has a smaller diameter than the other two. These wires are placed within a grey PVC protective sheath. Twin and Earth are available in a number of sizes. They are measured according to their size in cross section. The choice of which cable to use depends on what it will be used for. The larger the cable, the greater stress it can take and therefore it can deliver more power. Twin and Earth is the most frequently used cable for both domestic and commercial properties. It can be used to deliver the power to supply to a variety of appliances and utilities such as lighting and immersion heaters. It can be installed in both ring main circuits (electricity can flow in both directions) and radial circuits (the circuit terminates in the room). Twin and Earth cables are found in most properties to ensure that the building is lit and all sockets and appliances are provided with electricity.

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