Cables and Wires

Although the words are often used interchangeably, cables and wires are not the same thing. A wire is a single conductor, usually made of copper, which is sometimes covered in an insulating jacket. A cable is two, three or more insulated wires braided or twisted together in a protective jacket. Wire is categorised by its gauge number (its thickness), its insulation type and its electrical capacity. Cable is labelled by the number/resistance of its wires and the type of insulation. There are a number of different kinds of wire. A grounding wire takes the path of least resistance to earth to prevent electric shocks. Solid wire is used in breadboards for electric circuit design while braided wire can be used as an electromagnetic shield. Stranded wire is bundled together for use in circuit boards and appliances. Different cable includes extension leads and the leads of electrical appliances. Coaxial cable is used for home networking while Category 3 and 5 cable are also used. Both wires and cables are found everywhere. They are used to distribute electric power as well as carry telecommunications signals. They are a major component of all domestic appliances and machinery.

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  1. Armoured Cable
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    Armoured Cable is essential for providing electricity to all kinds of buildings, whether from pylons or underground. Its safety components means it can be safely used even when there is water. Armoured Cable is used with steel wire for multicore but aluminium for single-core te prevent the dangers of overheating.

  2. Communications Cable
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    There are a number of different kinds of communications cable, which are used according to the signal or transmission to be sent. These cables are present everywhere and without them, businesses would not be able to use a computer network. In homes there would be no telephones, radios, television or Internet.

  3. Extension Cords
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    Extension cords vary in length and thickness according to the demands put upon them. They might have several sockets and can be wound onto a reel. With them, tasks can be done far away from the power supply and a number of appliances can be plugged into the same socket.

  4. Outdoor Cable
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    Outdoor cables have a slightly different construction to indoor cables to make sure they are UV- and water-resistant. They can be mounted on towers or buried underground. They aid with the transmission of signals and communications as well as transferring power in high-voltage cables.

  5. Single Core Cable
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    Single core cable can be found in a number of different gauges and is used industrially for circuit board design rather than domestically. Its flexibility makes it ideal for solderless breadboards. It is cheaper and more durable than other cables.

  6. Three Core and Earth
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    Three core and earth consists of three wires and an earth conductor. It is primarily used when two switches operate the same light fitting. This is most commonly seen in domestic or commercial properties where there are long corridors, stairwells and hallways.

  7. Twin and Earth
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    Twin and Earth is a cable of two conductors plus an uninsulated earth wire. This cable can be found in a number of sizes which means that it can supply power to electrical appliances as well as provide lighting. It is most commonly found in both domestic and commercial properties.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.