Fuse Holders

Fuses are low-resistance resistors which are used to protect an electric circuit from possible damage caused by overload, a short circuit or a power surge. The fuse wire or element is usually made of metals like copper or zinc. This is contained in a safety sheath to minimise the hazards of arc blast if the wire burns. Being placed in a fuse holder rather than being soldered or bolted to the circuit means that fuses are much easier to replace if they are 'blown'. There are a number of different fuse holders depending on where the fuse will be installed. Fuses with glass bodies are usually placed in appliances by screw-in ends. Blade fuses are held in place by spring clips and can only be removed by using a special tool. Cartridge fuses are installed in electrical control panels. This holder enclosed the fuse in insulated housing for reasons of safety so it does not come in direct contact with people. Large industrial fuses are held in opaque reusable cartridges, which shield the fuse wire from direct exposure. Fuse holders can be found everywhere and play a safety role protecting both the fuse and the surrounding environment.

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