Surge Protector

Surge protectors, also known as surge suppressors, are a type of circuit protection device which are used specifically for the protection of sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by a spike or surge in the power supply system. They can be different shapes and sizes but route the power surge to a grounding wire housed in the device itself. Some surge protectors also contain a fuse so if the voltage is too high, it blows the fuse and interrupts the power supply. There are a variety of surge protectors. The Primary Type is installed during construction where the power lines enter the building and it protects both the building's inner wiring and its appliances. It uses internal ground wires to increase effectiveness. A Secondary Type is an attachment which is plugged into the wall socket and then connected to the electronic equipment. It can be for one piece of equipment or have several sockets to plug in more. Some can also contain a battery so that if the power is cut, the device will continue to work. Surge protectors used to be found in places which used a great deal of electronic equipment. Increasingly, they are now bought for domestic use too.

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