Rocker Switches

Rocker switches are a electric switch which incorporates a spring-loaded rocker. This means that the switch 'rocks' when being activated instead of tripping. These switches need pressure to turn on so they cannot be activated accidentally. Whether they are on is clear since they often have symbols (O=on, dash=off) or lights to let the user know at a glance. Rocker switches can be connected or installed by using pins, lugs, screw terminals and quick connect tabs. There are many types of rocker switches depending on their application. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some protrude (such as light switches) whilst others are flat (many electronic devices). If the rocker switch has independent circuitry, the light is activated in both the on/off position but if it has dependent circuitry, it is only lit in the on position. Rocker switches are installed in a large number of devices and systems. Their most common application is to activate lighting circuits. They are found in wall sockets and also in other electric fittings such as extension cords. They are also used for display monitors, communication power supplies as well as in surge protectors.

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