Solar Panel Mounting Equipment

With the fall in installation and equipment costs, solar power is becoming increasingly popular. The decision about which mounting equipment depends firstly on whether the solar panels will be installed on the roof or on the ground. The other consideration is whether the roof is flat or sloping. The racking or mounting is crucial as it helps the panels to function correctly enabling them to be tilted or orientated towards the sun. Installing panels on a flat roof is the simplest. The mount can be ballasted with weights so fasteners do not penetrate the roof covering. Alternatively, panels can be attached directly to the roof or its beams and be mounted in a metal framework. Stand-off mounts are supported by a frame built over the roof with adjustable angles so the panels are not parallel. For ground installations, a wedge structure of steel or poles is used to anchor the panels, which needs concrete foundations. Most solar panels are installed on the roofs of buildings. The decision about which to choose depends on the roof covering, its underlying structure and space available. Ground-installed panels are only found where there is sufficient land for them.

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